Thank you to everyone who has written a testimonial for us.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course (just wish I had discovered it earlier).  it has aided my flexibility more than any of the physiotherapy courses I have done (and I’ve done a few!). I feel calmer , more energized and focused. ” Patrick Hughes

“The course has been fantastic for both body and mind… the teaching is excellent and a fascinating insight into Hatha Yoga and meditation” Michelle Prescott 

“The course is very good and coming from the meditation/mind control angle which is exactly what I was looking for. I feel I have got a lot from the course to date. The beauty about it is that I can practice anywhere, that I have a space to lie down in” Richard Grain

“As someone new to yoga this course was great in teaching the routine at a perfect pace and I have really felt a difference not only physically in my back but also my wellbeing.” Naomi Clark