Trip to Nepal April 2017


On this trip to Nepal, I went to meet a close friend. He led a typical urban life in the city with home and family. His father was former chief of police.

However, a few years ago, he decided to leave the material world to lead a monastic life. He spent many years in meditation in the far west of Nepal and in taking care of the needs of the people wherever he was. I went to visit him while I was in Nepal last time to ask questions for myself. Why did he leave his family? He gave a big laugh and said he never left but simply adopted the world as his family.

He is also gathering the ancient texts in Nepal into a structured library with the intention of translating them into English and making them available to interested people.

I’m proud of my friend and brother and will be happy to try and help any way I can. I’ll also be learning more advanced yoga with him the next time I’m back in Nepal.

If you are interested in travelling to Nepal to learn ancient Nepali yoga, please do get in touch.