About Us

Udaya is from Nepal and has learnt many techniques, from yoga gurus in the Himalayas. He has spent many years practising and studying yoga and meditation with his gurus and also at one of the most ancient schools of yoga in Nepal. This means the yoga he teaches is undiluted.

Grace is local to Rutland and has been his student for 5 years, she teaches with him and has since also become certified by the Pashupatinath School of Yoga, Nepal as a Yoga Teacher. She became interested in yoga during her studies of European Public Health.

Udaya has found in his years teaching yoga in the UK that not many men seem to be coming to yoga classes, and he feels yoga is being looked upon as something that women should do and something that men should not do. But where he comes from in Nepal, yoga is practiced by men and women. Yoga is an art-form that is very beneficial to health and what he is doing slowly is teaching it so all people of any fitness level can come and learn. They can sign up for a course and do yoga in a slightly different way which is by starting from the very basics with everyone and slowly working on to more advanced yoga practices. He would also like the women who come to the class to encourage their male counterparts to come and attend with them so that they have a practice that they can do together at home. In fact the whole family is welcome because the children can learn too, and it will really benefit them in their lifetime.

We talk about life, death, happiness, sadness, and other things that people would like to talk about. We discuss about God, the creator and whoever God means to you.  Have an experience join our course, have fun, and feel the change in yourself.

We understand that everyone is different and has different wants and needs. The yoga practice will help everyone with physical matters of the body, matters of the mind and soul.


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