Himalayan Yoga Classes

What is yoga?

Yoga actually means union. The union of the individual soul, individual consciousness, with the universal consciousness. These are methods that have been practised in the himalayas for thousands of years. There are many different types of yogas in the western world, but yoga is just yoga in Nepal. We start off with the body as that is very familiar to all of us and then we move towards the mind. Now in the modern world we have understood that there is a large connection between the body and the mind but yoga has had this understanding for thousands of years. So yoga starts from the body and slowly goes into meditation and getting to know your individual consciousness.

thangka creative commons

In our classes we hope to give back to the people who come by teaching the yoga techniques learnt in Nepal from yoga gurus there, who have been practicing the same methods for thousands of years. We aim to create a good space for people to relax and feel good, where you can revitalise your body and mind, talk if you want to and practice regularly yoga that you can incorporate into your daily routine. By doing this you will slowly change the way you think, feel and respond to all battles in life and death.